20 airlines take advantage of’s AeroCRS partnership since launch

“AeroCRS was a natural partner for and we are delighted it’s bearing fruit so quickly”

AeroCRS,’s strategic partner, has signed up 20 airlines in just months. This gives the airlines access to our distribution network for the first time. The partnership went live during the first quarter of 2019.

AeroCRS’ portfolio of SaaS products is a one-stop-shop for small- and medium-sized airlines to manage their core digital operations, distribution and sales on a single platform.

In December 2018, took a minority stake in AeroCRS and initiated the strategic partnership to make Virtual Interlining available to AeroCRS’ more than 60 airline clients.

“AeroCRS was a natural partner for," Oliver Dlouhý said — Juhasz Imre / Pexels AeroCRS
“AeroCRS was a natural partner for,” Oliver Dlouhý said — Juhasz Imre / Pexels

“AeroCRS was a natural partner for and we are delighted that the clear synergies we envisaged between the two companies are bearing fruit so quickly, with 20 airlines signing up in a matter of months,” Oliver Dlouhý, co-founder and CEO of, said.

For these AeroCRS carriers, the tie-up with brings additional reach, expanding their inventory by Virtually Interlining their flights with other carriers, and driving more traffic to their websites.

All bookings are protected by the Guarantee, which protects customers from flight delays, cancellations and schedule changes. The integration also adds new combinations of flights to our consumer-facing proposition.

Synergies between the two partners include combining’s B2C expertise with AeroCRS’ B2B insights. This has been accelerated by the launch of our Tequila platform, which allows travel partners to access our ground-breaking technology for free.

20 airlines have signed up to AeroCRS in six months — Jacoby Clarke / Pexels
20 airlines have signed up to AeroCRS in six months — Jacoby Clarke / Pexels

Dlouhý said: “We expect more airlines to see the benefits of the cooperation, as well as further potential synergies emerging as the partnership develops, which will further our goal of liberalising travel for customers by offering more travel options with new routes, more connections, and making travel more affordable for travellers.”

As of 20 May, the AeroCRS airlines that have signed up are: Air Excel, Safarilink, Airkenya Express LTD, Auric Air Services LTD, Mombasa Air Safari, Coastal Travels LTD, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Tus Airways, Skyward Express, As Salaam Air, Aero Mongolia, Flightlink, Jetways Airlines, Silverstone Airlines, Aerolineas Sosa S.A de C.V, ZanAir Limited, Skyway CR, Air Flamenco, Emetebe Airlines, Germania Flug. More are expected to follow soon.