Airlines transforms into super app by establishing strategic partnership with supports a new identity of, offering flights to more than 3000 destinations worldwide became a strategic partner of, as the company introduced its new brand vision as the ASEAN super app for travel and lifestyle. With its new identity, transforms from a digital airline into a comprehensive lifestyle platform, connecting people to places, and people to people. platform now offers travel products, shopping, food, and rewards., as a strategic partner, provides the app with flights to over 3,000 destinations worldwide. AirAsia leverages its network of over 400 destinations as the largest low-cost carrier in ASEAN, additionally covering second and third-tier ASEAN cities. Powered by comprehensive flight data of, the airline connects ASEAN to the world, with Europe being a key market of focus. super app powered by
In addition to extensive AirAsia’s flight network, adds up another 3000 destinations

Partnership with completes air mobility offering of AirAsia

Rajiv Kumar, Head of Flights at, commented, “By expanding’s travel vertical to encompass non-AirAsia flights, we are disrupting the divide between full-service and low-cost carriers. Our partnership with completes our air mobility offering as an OTA and complements the tactical partnerships that has entered into with major European and Middle Eastern airlines. 

“Through our virtual interlining product in collaboration with, we are now able to connect ASEAN to the world with 700 airlines flying to 3,000 destinations across the world, and always at the best price guaranteed.” 

CEO of, Karen Chan, added, “In this new normal, the travel industry has to be bold and creative in navigating the uncertainty in the recovery of international travel and the economic environment. advocates collaboration instead of competition so that the travel industry will emerge greater and stronger than ever. Our partnership with will be crucial in helping us jumpstart international travel as borders begin to reopen.”

Oliver Dlouhý, CEO and Co-founder, summed up, “Traveling is all about the options. The more, the better. This is now valid more than ever before. Thanks to the partnership between and, we will provide travelers with all the options, no exceptions. I’m proud to be working alongside AirAsia on the recovery of travel in the region.” app powered by flight booking platform powered by gives customers more travel choices