Airport Dashboard product released on Tequila

The tool allows partners to gain data insights into market demand and transfer flows of passengers 

In the travel business, the importance of data reflecting the sector continues to grow. In general, finding relevant data provides a baseline for making important decisions. It also helps with deepening one’s understanding of the market, identifying patterns in emerging customer behavior, as well as helping with resource planning.

With the rise of Virtual Interlining and traveler self connections, airports are facing new challenges and opportunities inherent to these new travel products and customer behaviors. These include for example monetization opportunities through services (baggage transfer, fast track, vouchers, etc) or non-aviation revenue streams (airside hotels, lounge, retail), or the challenge of maintaining a good understanding of a shifting market: where are the travelers coming from and heading to? What is the traffic trend in the region?

Although there are a lot of providers that sell data, up until now, airports lacked relevant Virtual Interlining data they could use. As a leader in this technology, is set to help airports understand it and provide data that they did not have access to before.

It is Tequila’s first data insight product in a series of many

Airport Dashboard’s launch on Tequila is an addition to the already extensive B2B solution for’s partners. Although it is the first data insight product, more data products are coming to Tequila in the future. Insights contain bookings sold through more than 750 carriers, including low-cost, train and bus. Thanks to the Virtual Interlining technology, it creates over 150 billion possible routes that offers, and it also makes up the data in Airport Dashboard.

The product is developed in cooperation with airports

From the beginning, the product was built and tested together in cooperation with’s airport partners, therefore, it contains categories of data that are most useful for the airport sector. 

Starting in the basic tier subscription, the Airport Dashboard contains detailed information about passengers and baggage, insights to airlines, routes, transfer traffic, and fares. Moreover, partners can export data, filter by trip type, customer type, Virtual Interlining, airport, and use a powerful filter for dates, which can even show analytics for the upcoming months. Such data are not based on market predictions, but on real bookings that have been already sold by or its partners. 

On top of that, in the highest tier subscription, airports are able to compare their data to their competition as well as look at web search data for the first time. Partners can use these insights to see the most searched routes that customers search for that include the airport as a destination and origin.

Airport Dashboard data are based on real bookings that have been already sold by or its partners

Airport Dashboard product released on Tequila

Building strong partnerships with airports

Building partnerships with airports is greatly connected to improving customer experience,  so it is becoming a major focus of 

As one of the many products designed for airports offered in the Hosted Stopover Program, Budapest Airport has introduced bud:connects. It is a self-transfer counter, with one located at each terminal, which helps facilitate smoother journeys when passengers with two separate tickets fly through the airport in any direction — improving customer experience with Virtual Interlining.

“We are delighted to team up with to help grow the self-transfer segment offered between airlines, which otherwise would not be connecting flight sectors together,” said Budapest airport CCO, Kam Jandu. 

To support the transfer desk activities, Budapest airport is actively using’s Airport Dashboard to analyze passenger flows and stopover times on a detailed level, to optimize staffing and on-airport activities. The Airport Dashboard is now becoming part of the offering. 

There is a three-week trial period available for the product, and all you need to do to start is to create a free account on Tequila and request a demo from our Airport Partnerships Team at [email protected].