Countries with travel restrictions due to coronavirus

Due to the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), most of the countries are taking preventative measures, including restricting travel and closing borders for particular nationals. 

Travelers who are currently travelling or need to travel in the upcoming days should monitor the situation closely. New restrictions may be introduced at any moment. Travelers should also follow the recommendations of the governments, immigration offices, or embassies of the countries in their itinerary.

In our efforts to provide our partners with as accurate information as is possible given frequent changes in the situation, we are sharing all the available information for our partners to anticipate travel disruptions, and to offer guidance to all our passengers.

All travel restrictions and border closures are mentioned by the International SOS website, while travel health information is collected by the US CDC. For example, these government websites publish regular COVID-19 updates, travel advisories, and emergency contacts for multiple countries:

In case you have affected bookings with, please refer to the policy shared with you via email. We also provide daily digests for our partners with an overview of changes in the travel industry to help them stay on top of the current situation.