Destination inspiration helps to restart tourism widget and white label products help airports, and regional tourism agencies bring tourism traffic back

As countries closed borders and implemented lockdowns to stop the spread of coronavirus, hardly a business worldwide was unaffected, with tourism agencies and airports being hit incredibly hard. 

Now, travel and tourism agencies worldwide have one common goal: to encourage travelers to come back to their destination. As the travel market slowly recovers, people are excited about heading back to their favourite destinations or are thinking differently about where they travel, looking for new unexplored places. The travel industry needs to identify new ways of attracting more visitors to undiscovered destinations. 

Bringing a traveller directly to your door, whether that be an airport, a destination, a hotel or a holiday home to hire – requires a precisely targeted solution that will be relevant to where the traveler is inspired to go at that moment. A solution that offers the type of tailored experience customers expect. The widget and the white label solutions provide travelers with those suitable travel options on the spot. widget provides location-specific options, and 3% commission

The widget is a plug-and-play solution which allows airports, regional tourism agencies, travel bloggers, and other related businesses to offer relevant real-time travel options on the agency or airport website itself. For example, when describing a local sightseeing spot, it’s possible to set up the widget with the defined final destination, and the origin would be pre-filled based on the user’s geolocation. It allows travelers to search and buy travel tickets (air or ground) tailored to their experience without the need to fill search forms. widget
Example of widget

The widget offers the full range of’s virtually interlined itineraries (covering both air and ground transport) and allows the travel organisation to set up the exact parameters if needed. It’s possible to show the full range with all possible transport combinations or to separate results for only buses or trains. Widget management is easily managed via the Tequila partners portal and brings 3% commission on bookings. 

By implementing the widget, airports and local and regional travel agencies can offer easy access for travelers located more than a driving distance away, and create whole new markets within a matter of minutes. When combined with commonly existing lodging options, regional tourism agencies and airports are able to offer the seamless travel booking experience that travelers expect; directly on the agency or airport’s website. white label represents your brand while managing all booking-related transactions in the background white label brings in even more features than the widget. The white label allows airports, regional tourism or city tourism agencies to create their own branded booking platform on the front-end, with managing the infrastructure and maintenance costs on the back-end. Similar to the widget, it’s possible to set up exact search parameters, like showing exact destinations, routes, or modes of transport.

VisitBerlin white label
Example of white label used by VisitBerlin widget and white label combine

To maximise the search results, the business can provide the traveler with widget, showing exact parameters like final destination or mode of transport. If a traveler wants to proceed to the booking stage, the white label is displayed. Booking is handled directly on the branded white label booking platform, with system processing the payment and issuing tickets. 

Are you interested in learning more about the widget or white label? You can try the widget management system at the Tequila partners platform, or reach out to us using the contact form below.