Eddy Travels AI assistant enables shared travel planning in real-time

Powered by Kiwi.com, Eddy Travels artificial intelligence (AI) assistant shares travel plans and books tickets instantly

During the Arab Aviation Summit 2021 on 22 March in Dubai, Eddy Travels presented Kiwi.com as the main travel content provider for their new AI chat. Eddy Travels launched the new web application, with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) travel assistant, that provides travelers with access to the widest flight search experience and great prices provided by Kiwi.com.

Having an extensive database of more than 800 air and ground carriers, Kiwi.com supplies Eddy Travels with extensive itinerary options suitable for any traveler. By using Kiwi.com’s proprietary algorithm of Virtual Interlining, travelers can combine transportation options and find unique itineraries by connecting carriers that can’t be found elsewhere.

Eddy Travels AI chat
Eddy Travels AI travel assistant powered by Kiwi.com, source: Eddy Travels

“After spending tiring months in lockdown, people are once again hopeful about traveling. At Eddy Travels, we want to help families or friends reconnect and seamlessly plan future trips by simply chatting. The new chat app removes the burden for one person to be responsible for planning everything and makes it a fun shared activity,” said Edmundas Balčikonis, Co-Founder and CEO of Eddy Travels.

Oliver Dlouhý, Co-Founder and CEO at Kiwi.com added, “Edmundas and his team did an amazing job building the first group travel booking app that actually works and is really fun to use. We are proud to be providers of flight and ground transportation inventory, including Virtual Interlining. Together with Eddy Travels we’ll make it easy for the travelers to always find their perfect itinerary, for the lowest price.”

Arab Aviation Summit brings back offline events and an opportunity to meet with partners face to face

The Arab Aviation Summit 2021, held in Dubai, is one of the first industry offline events in the travel sector, organized one year after the start of the pandemic. The leading aviation industry event brought together global experts who discussed the pandemic’s impact on the industry, the aftermath, and the road to recovery for a stronger future.

This first face to face event attracted many travel industry experts, with the audience hearing insights from speakers including the CEO of Swissport Middle East, CEO of Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, Marketing Director of Airbus Africa Middle East, Group CEO of Air Arabia, CEO of Kiwi.com, and many more. 

“I’m happy I had a chance to be a part of this event – one of the first offline summits – where I could meet face to face with other travel industry professionals. I hope we’ll see more events returning offline shortly; it’s time to get our industry back alive”, commented Oliver Dlouhy, CEO and Co-founder of Kiwi.com.