Enehano Supports’s Successful Move to Salesforce to automate B2B part of business with help of Enehano

In just two months, has transitioned to Salesforce for its B2B Customer Relations Management (CRM) needs. The migration took place under the direction of the Czech tech company Enehano Solutions serves around 5,000 partners, including airports, hotels, ticket vendors, and haulers, and expects Salesforce to make business interactions more productive. In the next phase, will go further and maximize its business automation.’s growing partner network required a better CRM platform 

After several platforms failed tests, chose Salesforce — Shutterstock
After several platforms failed tests, chose Salesforce — Shutterstock’s network of B2B partners is continually growing. It includes companies from around the world that have diverse needs, and offer different services or technologies. 

Prior to Salesforce,’s CRM tool had some limitations on the level of integration into other systems. After several platforms failed tests, chose Salesforce, the most widely used cloud CRM in the world, and chose Enehano to implement the tool. 

“In order to serve such a big portfolio of companies, it is absolutely essential for us to have all the information that is relevant to working with individual business partners in one place and in real-time,” said Chief Information Officer at David Pavlík, as he explained why the company looked for a new CRM platform. 

“Enehano’s approach to the project was a key for us; their high level of partnership with Salesforce, the experience on large and interesting projects, and the size of the team,” said Pavlík.  

A new tool will help to speed up and streamline the whole sales process

Enehano Supports’s Successful Move to Salesforce enhano
Sales Cloud — Salesforce has joined the list of fast-growing companies including productboard and Zonky, who migrated to Salesforce with the help of Enehano. In’s case, the entire migration took only two months. 

“In addition to the implementation of CRM (Sales Cloud), it was important for to optimize all B2B partner data for the different needs of each of the six teams serving the entire partner network,” says Michal Peška, Enehano Solutions CSO. 

It was crucial to Integrate Sales Cloud into other systems used by; JIRA, Gmail, Mailchimp, DocuSign, and others. Thanks to all these changes, will be able to speed up and streamline the whole sales process significantly. This will also ensure faster processing of requests from B2B partners and the entire B2B customer service function.      

“We are excited to have a world-class partner Salesforce to help us manage our growth while providing customized attention to each of our partners. Working with Enehano made our way to get seamless implementation delivered on budget even with changing scope,  attention to each user group, and everything delivered on time!“ said David Pavlík,’s CIO. 

Enehano to help maximize business automation

However, this is not the final chapter for and Enehano. 

“We are ready to continue with the next phase and make the most of Salesforce’s potential. In cooperation with Enehano, we now want to focus primarily on maximizing business automation and integrating other processes such as contract management or analytics,” said David Petrović,’s Head of Distribution Partnerships.