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affiliates’s affiliate program give you 3% commission on everything you sell. With simple tools, deeplinks, brandable widgets, 30-day cookies, and a high conversion rate you have everything you need to earn money with ease.

Tequila is our portal for partners of all sizes. It provides access to all of our content, technology and services for free. Reports are simple to generate and all the documentation is simple to find. 


How much can you earn with

Let’s assume that a couple wants to go for holiday to Spain. They booked flight tickets from London to Malaga €350. Your commission from this booking will be €10.50.

It is also possible to access our affiliate program through networks, such as Webgains.


What is Virtual Interlining combines 6 billion different routes at any one time from more than 750 carriers, including more than 250 low-cost airlines. This results in more than 520 billion different route combinations of low-cost and full-service flights, trains, buses, ferries, taxis and ride-hailing. We currently sell 35,000 seats per day.

Virtual Interlining connects carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost of multi-segment journeys for the passenger.

Every customer receives the benefits of our industry-leading customer support and Guarantee. In case of any disruption caused by delay, cancellation or schedule change, will always take care of our passengers and ensure they arrive at their final destination. If the passenger decides not to finish the journey, they are entitled to a refund. 

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