Optimize your airport for self-connect and discover new markets


Virtual Interlining holds many benefits for airports, with increasing traffic being the main one. It has reduced costs for travelers and increased traffic for airports — particularly secondary airports. has been working with airports to develop unique products that help you get the most from the growing self-connect passenger segment.

Virtual Interlining allows us to connect carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost and hassle of multi-segment journeys for the passenger. We started by Virtually Interlining low-cost content, expanded this to include full-service, then to ground transport, and now to include different airline classes.

Under the umbrella of our Hosted Stopover Program, six different products are available for airports: optimized Minimum Connection Times (MCT), a White Label booking platform, Data Insights for airports, Marketing support, Smart Pass implementation, and Transfer Experience optimization

Because every airport is different, we work directly with your team to custom-build our service offering to fit your needs, including making each available separately if you wish. Contact our Airports team to find out more.


MCT optimization

Airport partners often begin with’s minimum connection time (MCT) optimization. Using flight data from millions of flights, we are able to reduce connection times; increasing the number of passenger connections your airport is able to handle. In some cases, short reductions in connection time have resulted in greater than 10% increases in the number of flights. See how you can optimize MCT at your airport. 


Smart Pass implementation

Our newly developed Smart Pass, visible in the Search & Booking phase on, supports your team in bringing your own self-connect bundle to a worldwide B2C audience, creating a USP for passengers compared to other competing stopover hubs. Check the example of how Smart Pass can be implemented.

Smart pass BUD airport partner

White Label booking platform White Label booking platform is easily implemented onto your airport’s website. Including all content from they offer passengers an easy means to book travel from your airport, and create a low-touch way to earn additional revenue since each flight is serviced by’s customer service and backed by our Guarantee. Check out how White Labels can help you.

Stansted airport White label

Transfer Experience optimization

Passenger transfer is often the most stressful and complicated part of self-connecting travel. Passengers avoid airports that don’t work to make this process easier. offers support for both Transfer and Baggage assist at partner airports, including transfer desk, Fast Track, and bag assist services. We also offer consulting services in these areas

Bud connects Tequila

Data insights for airports’s Data Insights for airports include Airport Dashboard, quarterly reports, and daily stopover information on passenger flows. Led by our Airport Dashboard product, these data products provide access to’s data about traffic through your airport, allowing you to assess the volumes of self-connection traffic, intent, and demand. Airports have used this data to discover new routes, optimize staffing levels, create marketing campaigns, and even negotiate better rates with non-aviation providers. Find out more about how’s Airport Dashboard can work for you. 

Airline insights Data insights Tequila

Marketing support’s in-house promotional team provides a range of marketing solutions to promote stopovers at your airport. These include email blasts, targeted social media campaigns, and placement on our travel magazine — Stories; which reaches one million readers every month. Find out more information on our in-house creative agency.

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