Optimize your airport for self-connect and discover new markets


Virtual Interlining has changed everything. It has reduced costs for travelers and increased traffic for airports — particularly regional airports. has been working with a number of airports to develop unique products to help you get the most from the incredible growth of self-connection.

Under the umbrella of our Hosted Stopover Program, this is made up of six different products available for airports: optimizing minimum connection times (MCT), white labels, airport dashboards, marketing, and product implementation, with self-connect baggage transfers launching soon. Because every airport is different, we work directly with you to custom build each to fit your needs, and they’re available separately if you wish.


MCT optimization, white labels and Airport Dashboards

Optimizing MCT is usually where we start. This has three main advantages — the less time customers spend in queues, the happier they are, they’ll spend more money if they’re waiting in a coffee shop or pub, and we can sell more connections through your airport.

White labels are built to match your brand and are easily implemented onto your website. They can be set up to only sell flights from a particular airport, or to sell every piece of content we have. These are an easy way to earn incremental revenue.

Airport Dashboards provide access to’s information about traffic through your airport. These allow you to assess the volumes of self-connection traffic, intent and demand. It may be that passengers are using your airport to catch flights in ways you didn’t expect, or are searching for routes that don’t yet have a direct flight.


Marketing and product implementation’s in-house creative agency and marketing team means that we are able to provide a range of marketing solutions. These include email blasts, deftly-targeted social media campaigns, and placement on our travel magazine — Stories, which reaches one million readers every month.

By implementing your products into, we are able to increase your revenue and footfall. We can offer travelers flying via any airport fast-track, lounge access and duty free discounts, to name a few.


Coming soon — self-connect baggage transfers

Self-connect baggage transfers are in its final stages of development. Baggage transfer trials are drawing to a close at Stansted, and a number of other airports are watching closely. These will allow’s self-connecting passengers to have their bags transferred airside. It means travelers won’t have to exit the terminal to re-check their luggage and can spend more time relaxing and shopping.

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