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Are you a Destination Management Organization or a Tourism Board that wants to analyze missed opportunities and attract more travelers to your destination? can help you with that!

Thanks to our unrivaled data of 56,9 million searches and over 2 billion price checks processed daily we can help you understand demand, and we are happy to help you promote your destination to these travelers. But where are they coming from? Our self-connecting algorithm that combines flights across legacy and low-cost airlines into one single itinerary will offer travelers the best options to reach your destination from anywhere in the world. search data- tourism boards

Find missed market opportunities with search data

Before getting into the tools and processes of how to boost inbound traffic, it’s essential to first understand what the travelers’ appetite is for a destination and where that demand is coming from. This is something we at can help with – by analyzing the insights from our global search data we can reach customers with route options they didn’t know existed when they search for your destination. Thanks to our technology revealing self-connection options they won’t find elsewhere, there doesn’t need to be any missed opportunities. 

Search numbers may not show confirmed traffic – because it’s one step earlier – instead it reveals the aspirations, dreams, and plans of travelers. Importantly, this comprehensive search data shows the origin countries and cities from where travelers would depart but don’t have a direct connection, and such data is a priceless piece of the puzzle. 

By having this information, you can cooperate with carriers and companies, such as, to connect your final destination with the origin point of travel that may not have a direct connection. Self-connected itineraries of will get the traveler to your destination in no time! searches - tourism boards

Show your destination to the global audience of avid travelers

Once we together identify those missed opportunities and build a list of target markets you should attract, it’s time to think of promotion. Taking the current digital trends into account, we are focusing on digital destination management by creating awareness or conversion campaigns and increasing destination visibility. In return, you get access to a solid worldwide network of customers and reach new audiences previously omitted. 

Check out our campaign with Visit Portugal to learn more on how we helped the Tourism Board support the booking conversion. marketing - tourism boards

Do you want to promote your destination to even more travelers? Don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form below and we’ll be happy to look into search data together and find the best ways to promote your destination to all these travelers who want to visit you!

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