Industry disruptors Uber and Kiwi.com partner to bring travel to your door

This summer customers of Uber and Kiwi.com can benefit from a great range of discounts, including Kiwi.com vouchers for travel 

Travel industry is slowly stabilizing across the world and especially in Europe, where many countries successfully implement their vaccine strategies. Companies within the travel sector think of ways to attract travelers and encourage them to start exploring places again. Uber and Kiwi.com are one of such companies, introducing different discounts for travelers and supporting easy and smooth door-to-door travel. 

In today’s reality travelers want to enjoy efficient and safe travels, for the best price. From now on, when booking a trip with Kiwi.com, along with the boarding pass, the first-time Uber users will also receive a dedicated 50% discount code for an Uber ride. With this code, travelers can be assured that they will arrive at the airport on time, and won’t overpay for the airport transfer. This is currently being rolled out in Poland and Romania, with other countries to come.

How Uber and Kiwi.com disrupt the travel

Uber started its business as a disruptor, changing the usual ways of customers calling a taxi service and getting to their intended destination. The company made the taxi industry open and available to anyone who had a car, increasing the amount of available cars and decreasing prices for the end customers. 

Uber’s network grew in each city, ride costs fell, wait times declined and its rating system helped keep driver quality relatively consistent. With this improvement in service quality, Uber was able to move upstream to attack taxis directly with UberX — a classic disruptive move.


Kiwi.com is also a disruptor that adds to the travel chain. The travel-tech company introduced the algorithm of Virtual Interlining, combining air and ground transportation into one unique itinerary. From that moment travelers had a wide choice of direct flights, combinations of different airlines and layovers, and a feature, called NOMAD, taking them through layover destinations where they could stay for a longer period of time. 

Just as Uber brought a revolution to ride-hailing, at Kiwi.com our innovative technology is disrupting the traditional ways of searching and booking flights by bringing greater customer choice and access to unique travel itineraries you just won’t find anywhere else.

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer at Kiwi.com

However, Kiwi.com doesn’t stop here. Although the company already covers 95% of the travel content worldwide, the goal is to provide customers with even bigger choice and even more unique itineraries. By interlinking with the ride-hailing provider Uber, Kiwi.com customers are now able to enjoy smooth travels. The trend is about to continue, where more customers will be able to get from any A to any B, from the door of their home to the airport and then hotel, safely and efficiently. 

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