News and Airsavvi join forces to enhance air travel experience

The partnership provides real-time notifications of flight status changes for travelers, a leading online travel-tech company, has announced its partnership with Airsavvi — a global leader of travel data intelligence. The new partnership provides real-time notifications of flight status changes for travelers who booked their travels with

By integrating Airsavvi’s flight status information, we are now able to push automatic notifications of any flight status changes. Travelers are notified about allocated check-in counter, departure gate, and estimated take-off and landing times. 

This partnership brings one step closer to becoming the Virtual Global Supercarrier. Supported by Airsavvi’s data, we can provide our customers with up-to-date information and contribute to their smooth travel experience. 

Airsavvi supplies with the most comprehensive and up-to-date flight database

Airsavvi’s most comprehensive and up-to-date flight database provides with flight schedules, live flight status, and contextual data, such as airport and aircraft information related to over 94 percent of global commercial flights. 

Using Airsavvi’s data, we can monitor aircraft movements in flight, and display its 3D track and live status in real time. Airsavvi is also able to control the time difference between the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and the actual time of arrival (ATA) within three minutes for 90 percent of flights landing within 30 minutes.

Real-time flights within the Airsavvi tool (source
Real-time flights within the Airsavvi tool — VariFight enhances the flight travel experience powering its booking platform with Airsavvi’s data

By partnering with Airsavvi, joined a wide global network including online travel agents (OTAs), airlines, logistics, ride services, flight right services, and others. 

“Providing detailed information about flights to customers is becoming a high priority for The cooperation with Airsavvi only benefits us and helps us achieve the best results,” says Vladimír Alfery, the Head of Data Acquisition at

CEO of VariFlight (the parent company of Airsavvi) Mr. Zheng Hongfeng says: “We are delighted to support the rollout of the new feature on booking platforms, and enhance the flight travel experience for their users.” can find all relevant information that is needed for their flights — for example, status data of previous flights, historical on-time performance rates, and the Flight Happiness Index which contains rich content of amenity facilities including legroom, catering, power outlets, Wi-Fi, etc.”