Airports and Brno airport launch campaign to promote the city and region

The cooperation aims to attract people outside the Czech Republic via advertising campaign reaching over six million people

Recently, and Brno airport started cooperation to promote the second city of the Czech Republic and its region to people and travelers from all around the world. As part of the partnership, launched an advertising campaign with unique content reaching six million people worldwide. 

Brno airport has plans to boost the attractiveness of the city of Brno and the entire South Moravian region, especially outside of the Czech Republic. That is also the reason why the company and the airport decided to dedicate one of the Stories articles to Brno and its surroundings.

A part of the cooperation with Brno airport was a Stories article dedicated to Brno and its surroundings — Jakub Splavec/Ami/Brno airport
A part of the cooperation with Brno airport was a Stories article dedicated to Brno and its surroundings — Jakub Splavec/Brno airport

“Nowadays, social media have become crucial for travel and ultimately, people themselves are deciding which destinations are attractive. We launched a Brno article together with the airport and the numbers of the first one and a half months have surprised us,” said Zdenek Komenda, CBDO at, about the first mutual campaign. 

“The article has been read by 49,000 people, shared by 1,200, and the overall reach has been over six million all around the world. Mainly people in the UK, Turkey, Greece but also in the Philippines and the United States have shown the most interest in Brno.” 

The airport saw a record number of 117,255 travelers in July and seeks to establish new routes

Part of the cooperation with Brno airport is above all an exchange of exclusive data to secure a better position while negotiating with transportation providers. During their negotiations, representatives of the airport can now use data from all the global search engines and measure the demand trend for flights to and from Brno and the overall market development.

“Thanks to we are able to estimate better the real potential of individual destinations and track their development. We are also able to prepare ourselves more effectively for negotiations with transportation providers. 

Brno airport saw a record number of passengers in July 2019 — Shutterstock
Brno airport saw a record number of passengers in July 2019 — Shutterstock

“It might not be immediately obvious, but even small changes in the number of customers (eg a few thousand people) could be a signal for the provider that people are interested in a specific route. They are also aware of the fact that a route peaks after it is fully established. It will take some time but I believe we have started off strong,” said Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board at Brno airport.

During June and July, the airport checked in more than 204,000 travelers. July alone made history with a record number of 117,255 travelers. All in all, for the first seven months of 2019, the airport has seen 287,783 passengers passing through. People in London, Munich, and Moscow most often search for flight connections to Brno.

“July this year has been the most successful ever yet in terms of checked-in travelers. In comparison with last year’s numbers, we have seen a growth of about 10%. If nothing unexpected happens, we should be able to keep up the growth until the end of the year,” added Radek Lang, Airport Service Manager at Brno airport. Stories is a project run by’s internal in-house creative agency.

All of its content is shared on our major social media platforms with large audiences — reaching over 400,000 readers monthly — both organically and as paid content. So far we have advertised for a number of major airports, including Budapest and Cork.