News celebrates 2nd anniversary of Barcelona office

Starting two years ago with just two employees, today our office in Barcelona has 25 staff members from all around the world

This month, we celebrated the second anniversary of our Barcelona office, to which we invited our business partners and the media in Spain. The celebration took place on the office’s rooftop and was accompanied by paella, wine, and lounge music — a relaxed atmosphere everyone certainly craves on Fridays.

We opened our office in Barcelona two years ago, keeping in mind our vision to become a global transportation platform enabling every customer to travel from any A to any B. We knew we would need to expand to achieve this goal and Barcelona seemed like a good fit. The city’s attractiveness and broad access to an international pool of tech talents were just some of the reasons this place won our sympathies.’s Barcelona office opened two years ago with two employees — Giovanni Ruiz celebrates 2nd anniversary of Barcelona office

Barcelona became our first fully remote office — its core employees operating from a different country. Initially, there were two employees in the office but the number has now grown to 25, representing such places as Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Ireland, Norway, Mexico, and France.

The remote office houses mostly developers and engineers

The idea behind creating a remote office in Barcelona was to make it focused on software development and engineering, with some essential support roles needed for its smooth functioning. At the moment, there are JavaScript and Python devs, big data devs and data engineers. All of them are working on projects with teammates from other locations. 

The celebration was accompanied by paella, wine, and lounge music — a relaxed atmosphere everyone certainly craves on Fridays— Giovanni Ruiz celebrates 2nd anniversary of Barcelona office

The JavaScript devs are working on projects such as Manage My Booking, SmartFAQ, Account, Hotels, and Bag transfer. The Python devs (Finance) are handling various satellite services mostly dedicated to costs and finance loss tracking and prevention, but also a service to unify payment configuration or a Slack bot that will help with a finance alert solution. 

Our big data devs are developing a new platform for collecting logs from frontend and mobile applications while unifying multiple existing services into one solution. And lastly, the data engineers in the office are dealing with data pipelines, custom tools, and they also prepare vast amounts of data for our data science team, which is using them to improve CX in our search results.

In addition, two new colleagues joined the office this summer to work remotely under our Business Development department.’s office in Barcelona keeps growing and welcomes new, smart, and experienced software engineers who focus mostly on backend tech stack.