News assigns Director of Security

Newly appointed Director of Security Jan Kubíček to oversee data exchange between, customers, and partners has appointed Jan Kubíček as Director of Security – a new and highly important role in the online travel-tech industry. 

The position is critical due to our fast-paced growth and the risks that this growth brings with it; customer data leakage, intellectual property theft, and service interruptions. 

Kubíček, who comes from the banking and consulting industry and has worked in cybersecurity for the majority of his professional life, was the ideal candidate for this position. Director of Security Jan Kubíček

“I am very excited to be a part of – an extremely dynamic and agile organization that truly changes the way we travel. And, I am looking forward to bringing the security level to excellence”, said Kubíček.

“The key is to have balance. To come up with strict security measures is easy. However, to create ones that won’t disrupt the organization might be challenging, yet we have to protect what we’ve created so far.”

“Rapidly growing organizations often discover that change in approach is necessary, and informal processes need to be replaced by generally tighter and precise controls. And to roll these out, while not smothering cooperative and open work culture, will be the main focus”. Director of Security Jan Kubíček

Chief Information Officer David Pavlík commented, “ is excited to have Jan aboard to work with our teams to formulate and execute security strategies to keep our company and our clients secure,” 

We book 33,000 passenger seats per day, meaning there is an extremely high volume of passenger data, credit card data, and business data to handle. Kubíček will also oversee data exchange between and our partners.

Jan Kubíček has been active in this position since 2 January 2020.