News introduces Virtual Fare Types on its booking page

Passengers can select from 3 Virtual Fare Types, which will improve their customer experience

Recently, we have announced the launch of Virtual Fare Types on the booking page. The new feature is here to serve our mission of making travel better and provide the best possible travel experience to our customers. 

By adding three ticket options of Virtual Fare Types in the booking process, we become as transparent and flexible as possible and ensure we improve our users’ experience. Customers are now able to choose the Fare Type which suits them the best and is based on their preferences and service expectations. 

Each Fare Type has different conditions for cancellation, rebooking, and level of customer service. By unifying those into one simple booking process, it allows customers to navigate easily between the various terms and conditions of more than 750 ground and air carriers we combine in our search.

Three Fare Types to choose from – Saver, Standard, or Flexi introduces Virtual Fare Types on its booking page

The lowest fare is the “Saver Ticket”, which is the cheapest fare and offers a basic service of Customer Support, rebooking and refund process of the company.  

After that, customers can choose the “Standard Ticket”, which is the most popular paid option so far. With this option, they receive a higher priority for customer service. In the case of rebooking, they simply pay the difference. 

The last fare type is the “Flexi Ticket”, with which customers have premium customer service, and in case of rebooking they just pay the difference; in case of cancellations, they get refunded 90 percent of the amount of the initial booking.

Virtual Fare Types bring one step closer to becoming the ultimate content provider 

The introduction of new ticket types brings us one step closer to becoming the ultimate platform aggregating and offering global transportation content to our customers in a straightforward and unified way.   

Since 2017, it is possible to book trains with and from 2018, buses have been also added to the search — which is incredibly useful for those who are living in areas without airports, or for those who prefer to use ground transportation instead of air carriers.

“We believe that with the introduction of Virtual Fare Types makes an additional step in order to come closer to our vision to become the ultimate content provider with the unification of the Terms & Conditions of all the carriers to one unified layer”, says Michal Šindelář, Vice President of Booking & Self Service at 

Customers can already choose the Fare Type they prefer during their booking flow on website.