Product releases new features to support post-pandemic travel customers can now set up flight availability alerts, exclude stopover countries en route, and check travel restrictions information on the go

As more countries begin to recover from the global pandemic, travel rules are becoming more relaxed. Countries are re-opening borders with neighbors and airports re-introducing international flights. To support travelers worldwide, has released several features to boost confidence in post-pandemic travel.’s new features include an Availability Alert that allows travelers to set up a notification for the route they are wishing to take but is not yet operating, tailored travel restriction information when searching a route, and a filter to exclude stopover countries en route directly from the search page. The refreshed website now better supports travelers in their post-pandemic travel plans, making booking their journey as smooth as possible. 

Availability Alerts to notify travelers about the route re-opening

Due to countries’ lockdowns and border closures, many airline, train, and bus providers have been cancelling their connections. With life slowly getting back to normal, carriers are not rushing into renewing their schedules in full. Many routes are still operated below usual volumes. To avoid a customer having to come back again and again to check and recheck a route’s availability, has introduced an Availability Alert that notifies the customer once the searched route is available again.

Viliam Džama, Senior Product Manager shared, “Many of our customers are coming back to search to check whether there are any available travel options. Since the industry is experiencing many canceled travel routes throughout the world, we have given our customers the chance to sign up for availability alerts.” search page to provide travelers with travel restriction information

Travelling in a time of pandemic can be daunting, taking into account that some countries may have opened their borders, whilst others are still fighting the virus outbreak. To better support travelers worldwide, has introduced a Travel Restrictions feature. Depending on the selected city/airport of arrival and departure, the website now provides relevant and tailored information directly on the search page. 

New Exclude Countries filter allows removing stopover countries en route

Even though some countries are re-opening their borders, the reality is that every one of them has their travel restrictions. Some are open only to neighboring countries, and some require a negative test or quarantine. Different rules make it difficult to travel with a stopover; this new filter feature allows customers to exclude specific countries from the route. 

The Exclude Countries filter is designed to support a smooth booking process. As’s database contains thousands of route combinations, the search page will still provide plenty of route options, even when the excluded countries filter is used.