Kiwi.com showcased among best Czech innovators and scientists

The Czech Innovation Expo featured Kiwi.com as a virtual exhibit in the newly emerging brands category

As one of the most progressive and innovative companies in the Czech Republic of past years,  we have had the honor to be showcased in an unconventional way at a unique traveling exhibition.

The purpose of the Czech Innovation Expo is to outline the 100-year history of the country in the fields of research and science and world-recognized industrial brands. It also considers the emerging new generation of representatives in the scientific, innovative and entrepreneurial sphere.

To reflect the influence of historic personas, the organizers have decided to showcase the exhibits in an innovative and unique approach. The expo presents the works of scientists and innovators in an interactive, audiovisual and trendy way using state-of-the-art augmented-based technologies and virtual reality.

Seemingly undecipherable symbols on the walls suddenly come to life with devices supporting augmented reality. The Kiwi.com cryptic logo is in the spotlight alongside such big names as Otto Wichterle, the inventor of the contact lens, or Josef Sousedík who was first to patent the electric car.

Přemysl Pela, the manager of the Czech Innovation Expo, said that our company fits extremely well in this exhibition as it is representative of a new generation which aims to disturb the established ways. He further added that he’s glad we were a partner of this exhibition both in China as well as in the Czech Republic.

The exhibition opened in November 2018 at the prestigious Chinese institution Lujiazui Harbour City in Shanghai, within the Business Forum delegation accompanied by the Czech president and Kiwi.com’s CEO Oliver Dlouhý.

This March, the exhibition returned to the Czech Republic and is now being displayed in an innovative high school in Bruntál, a town in the north-east part of the country. The exhibition aims to inspire students of IT and technology.

“The Czech Innovation Expo project is very close to our company. It is based on the principle of innovation and creative thinking. We are therefore very pleased to support this project and students who love innovations as much as we do,” said Oliver Dlouhý.

Kiwi.com’s CBDO Zdeněk Komenda, the guest of honor and an alumnus of the high school, said: “A lot has changed since I was last here. This school is innovative and gives its students the proper base they need to succeed further in life. The combination of the technical high school, Czech Innovation Center and Kiwi.com creates a perfect synergy.”