News supplies Airbus’ Skytra with data to support pricing intelligence powers Skytra’s flight ticketing database with price checks from more than 100 million daily searches on its online travel platform  

As COVID-19 affects the global travel industry, travel companies drive demand for flight bookings and data intelligence to stay on top of rapidly changing travel tendencies. Being one of such data suppliers, becomes the second key data provider for Skytra, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus, providing the company with unique insights into airline revenue, flight pricing, and future booking trends. has more than 2 billion price checks per day, combining its own and partners’ online platforms. Our proprietary data is powered by Global Distribution Systems (GDS) connections and direct Application User Interfaces (APIs) of many global airlines.

With the help of’s data, Skytra creates the world’s largest flight ticketing information database

Skytra was established in 2019 to operate a regulated trading venue and produce new air travel indices. Skytra closely cooperates with air travel and financial market experts to develop new risk management instruments for the benefit of the entire air travel industry.

Skytra cooperates with to get travel data
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With the new solution in place, Skytra matches the offered ticket pricing from with complementary transaction data gathered from the International Air Travel Association (IATA). It is a unique method by Skytra, which is pending a patent. The result creates the world’s largest flight ticketing information database, allowing Skytra to take specific ticket-level detail and aggregate it into insightful data for air travel companies and financial institutions.’s sophisticated technology will now provide the right solutions for the whole travel industry

Mark Howarth, Skytra CEO, said: “’s price checks are a key data input which helps make our ticketing database so unique and powerful. COVID-19’s devastating impact on the air travel industry has created a huge appetite for the granular data and insights our new business intelligence products provide. More longer term, the pandemic has highlighted the urgency of bringing risk management tools to market as the air travel industry starts to re-build.” 

Oliver Dlouhý, CEO, commented: “We originally built our unique flight data acquisition and processing platform to solve the consumers’ problem of how to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. We are pleased that our sophisticated technology will now also provide the right solutions for the whole industry.“