News to become the first Virtual Global Supercarrier

Moving beyond an online travel agency to providing a complete travel solution for everyone

On 19 November 2019,’s CEO Oliver Dlouhý announced a new vision that moves the company away from being an online travel agency (OTA) and towards becoming the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier. The new vision will help the company keep pace with a new way of traveling that switches from planned to on-demand. 

By becoming the Virtual Global Supercarrier, will aggregate all global transportation inventory into one single platform. We will provide a complete travel solution from the initial inspiration to the final destination — from any A to any B anywhere in the world, at any time.

We have already invented and pioneered Virtual Interlining, connecting flights of non-cooperating carriers and covering the connections with the Guarantee. Then, we added trains and buses and became the first ones to introduce true intermodality. Now, the Virtual Global Supercarrier vision becomes the next logical step in our development. 

Virtual Global Supercarrier to cover all travel options under one platform to become the first Virtual Global aims to become one carrier covering all available travel options: flights, trains, buses, ride-hailing services, and even city micro-mobility. Customers won’t need to research anymore on how to get to their final destination, as it all will be covered under one platform —

Thanks to’s global travel network as well as technical capabilities and processes that were built over the years, the platform will provide pricing data based on real-time supply and demand. It will allow having similar prices, regardless of when the booking was created, and make it easy for everyone to optimize their own offerings. 

New vision of pushes the company’s product to the next level to become the first Virtual Global Supercarrier’s vision of the Virtual Global Supercarrier aims to offer the vast majority of the global content bookable online within the next three years, including ride-hailing and ferries. However, it does not just stop at connecting customers from any A to any B. 

We already support our customers by providing the Guarantee that covers all connections between different carriers. The Guarantee protects our customers in case of delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. 

Having introduced Virtual Fare Types in the booking process in October 2019, we have been improving transparency between us and our customers.’s Fare Types unify change and refund policies across our whole network of 750 air and ground carriers.

Soon, we plan to launch the unique Loyalty program, which will be rewarding travelers for using our services across the whole network. Members of the Loyalty program will be able to store their payment details for one-tap booking. The release of the program is planned between Q1 and Q2 2020.