Airlines visits Latinoamérica

At CAPA Latin America Aviation, Pedro Gutiérrez introduced Virtual Interlining

My name is Pedro Gutiérrez Kardum, and I work at I say I work because this is the standard phrase; what I really do is investigate, do business, take care of partner airlines, dream, sweat, and have lots of fun.

For 9 months, I have been developing partnerships with several airlines. Since I come from Lima, Peru, most of these are within Latin America. Also, tomorrow, early in the morning, will be the first time when I am going to Latin America with a mission: to introduce the concept of Virtual Interlining.

We at pioneered with the concept of Virtual Interlining. Now, probably many Latin Americans will ask me: “What in the blue hell is Virtual Interlining?” Well, Virtual Interlining means that we, apart from the usual airline combinations, can also offer you some sweet homemade flight combinations with airlines that don’t cooperate.

This potentially saves you some bucks, and gives you the option to connect in one or more airports. It includes the Guarantee, which allows you to fly with peace of mind. If you miss a connection because of a cancellation, delay or scheduled change, we will offer you a flight alternative that will allow you to reach your destination. Also, in cases where there is not an available flight on the same date, we may even offer you accommodation and food, and that’s on us.

I firmly believe that this concept can change the way Latin Americans travel. Not only because it gives passengers the freedom to connect into thousands of previously unimaginable routes, but also to know that there is someone taking care of you in case of a missed connection (but, of course, not in the case where you overslept). And with our new approach to multi-city travel called NOMAD, you can just type the different destinations you would like to travel to, and NOMAD will rearrange them for you to find the cheapest option.

What I mentioned above is all about innovation. We want to shift the way things are in travel: to focus once more on the passenger, to give freedom to our passengers, and to make travel better. And because of this, we made a stop at the beautiful Cartagena for the CAPA Latin America Aviation and LCCs Summit 2018. We gathered with our airline friends from Latin America to tell them how we can bring more value to their business by extending their network and fly passengers from places they wouldn’t even think of. That’s what our technology allows us to do.

On a personal level, it is, of course, an excellent way to reconnect with my people. To taste, once more, the warm smiles and the feeling of never giving up. Latin American countries are very different, even when most of them share the same language, thanks to our diverse heritage. We are a melting pot of cultures and the joy of the world. is no stranger to that, and it is a company that is dancing its way to becoming one of the most prominent players of the global travel industry by using our best resources: our innovation, our desire to achieve something big and drive to help travellers.

I am a little bit like that myself. I try to emulate Ricardo Gareca, the coach of the Peruvian football team — a team that waited 32 years to return to the most significant football event on the planet, the World Cup. Gareca is known for achieving a lot through the power of belief and will.

While I don’t necessarily share the political content of Calle 13’s song Latinoamérica, I think there is a quote that perfectly defines Latin America: “A people without legs, but that still walks.” It is now time to give Latin Americans their well-deserved wings, and I won’t rest until I fulfil that.

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