London Stansted Airport teams up with to revolutionise transfer traffic

The partnership will bring fast, comfortable and hassle-free transfers to Stansted

London Stansted and have announced they will join forces to build seamless transfers through the fastest-growing airport in the UK.

Under the new Virtual Interline initiative, Stansted and will deliver a fast, comfortable and hassle-free transfer product at the Essex airport for the benefit of passengers and all full-service and low-cost airlines operating at the airport.

The Virtually Interlined transfers will be unlike any other interline or self-connect product currently available on the market.

For passengers, the transfer experience at Stansted will be simple, fast and seamless. There will be no need to leave arrivals and re-enter the check-in hall, transfer terminals, or to recheck in baggage for every flight — unlike existing self-connect models.

Airlines operating at London Stansted Airport will see an end to the legacy issues associated with complex interline agreements, booking system integration, and connectivity to low-cost carrier networks. This will all be resolved by a simple new way of cooperating.

Using’s unique algorithms, machine learning capabilities and data insights, passengers from over 185 countries will be able to buy more than 2,500 unique flight combinations through Stansted. This will cover both full-service and low-cost airlines.

“We are delighted to be partnering with London Stansted Airport to assist in delivering this transfer product benefiting both passengers and all full-service and low-cost airlines which operate out of this key London airport.

“The global growth of our Virtual Interline model is enabling seamless travel. We are committed to making travel better for both users and providers,” said Zdeněk Komenda, Chief Business Development Officer at

Aboudy Nasser, Chief Commercial Officer for London Stansted Airport said: “Our vision at London Stansted is to pioneer next generation journeys.

“We are currently serving more passengers than ever before, flying to 200 destinations across the globe, and as London’s fastest growing airport we expect this upward trend to continue.

“This is why we are investing £600 million in transforming the airport experience and have applied for permission to raise the number of passengers we serve to 43 million a year.

“Working closely with our partner, we are developing a truly revolutionary transfer product that delivers the benefits of the existing interline model and airport-assisted self-connect model, without their inherent disadvantages. It’s a win/win for both the airlines and their passengers.”

With more than 40 per cent of global passengers now bypassing traditional booking practices and creating their own itineraries, stopovers and transfers, the new Virtual Interline model will be perfectly placed to tap into this growing trend.

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