Lyon airport to become Virtually Interlined with ground transport

Lyon airport to become Virtually Interlined with ground transport

on’s airport optimisation of Lyon-Saint Exupéry will lead to shorter connecting time, lower prices, and better connectivity for passengers

Our close co-operation with Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport over the last six months will result in the airport’s full integration of air and ground transport. Lyon thus has the potential to become the first airport in the world to be fully optimised with

The main focus of the airport optimisation was minimising connecting time for customers. We have achieved a shorter connecting time at the airport with our unique algorithm called Virtual Interlining. The algorithm integrates ground transport networks with flight transport networks to enable seamless travel between various points.

The decrease in connecting time will result in the airport’s better catchment, higher customer satisfaction, and new connections for lower prices.

Following the recent airport optimisation, passengers can now book a journey involving different modes of transport. They can combine trains, buses, and planes into a single itinerary. Moreover, they will have access to the Guarantee, which can cover the costs of any missed connection.

Our Virtual Interlining massively increases the range of travel options

We have selected to work with Aéroports de Lyon because of its capacity to integrate new services and developments.

What’s more, the airport boasts exceptionally good connectivity with its catchment area.’s optimisation makes sure that travellers can now easily reach Lyon’s city centre and other cities in France and Italy.

Virtual Interlining massively increases the range of travel options for consumers, from budget to luxury, as well as entirely new routes using multiple modes of transport that are not currently being served.

Aéroports de Lyon’s managing director, Cédric Fechter, said: “This co-operation agreement with Aéroports de Lyon will benefit customers greatly as it will decrease minimum connecting time significantly, allowing to offer new ground / air combinations via Lyon for a better price.”

“The airports of the VINCI Aéroports network aim to offer the best service to their customers. We are rethinking the journey of our customers to make it easier and more comfortable. Booked and guaranteed connections are an integral part of this process,” added Fechter.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Lyon Airports as they seek to further expand their excellent customer experience,” said’s CBDO Zdenek Komenda.

“At our aim has always been to make travel better for all who want to explore alternative routes, carriers, budgets and so on to make their perfect trip.”

Aéroports de Lyon, founded as a private company in 2007, is in charge of Lyon-Saint Exupéry for commercial aviation. Lyon-Saint Exupéry welcomed 11 million passengers in 2018. The airport has added 40 out of its 131 destinations in the last two years. It has all the tools necessary to continue its rise as a regional transport hub.