Milan Bergamo launches seamless passenger experience with

Bergamolynk to provide first Hosted Stopover Program in Italy

Milan Bergamo airport has unveiled an own-brand stopover product called Bergamolynk, built in partnership with, which will provide more than 3,650 unique flight combinations to consumers.

The partnership is a first for the Italian travel market. It is expected to boost the number of passengers traveling through Bergamo.

The Bergamolynk stopover product will enhance the experience for’s customers who are traveling to or through the airport. The partnership will offer new benefits, such as fast track, baggage assistance and additional duty-free enhancements.

Milan Bergamo launches seamless passenger experience with

The new stopover product is set to launch as part of the Bergamolynk website rollout.’s Virtual Interlining capabilities provide solutions for the ever-increasing trend of self-connecting. More than 40 per cent of global passengers are bypassing traditional booking methods in favor of creating their own itineraries, stopovers and transfers.

Milan Bergamo airport expects to see a notable increase in passengers. Tens of millions of searches are carried out on for global flights every day. The Bergamo airport partnership adds to a fast-growing list of European airports working alongside in offering a unique Hosted Stopover Program to their customers.

Bergamo airport expects increase in passengers to 20 million in 2020

“ is a natural partner for us, who will ensure that we too are kept at the forefront of airport booking innovation and technological advances," said Giacomo Cattaneo — Shutterstock milan bergaamo

The airport is currently Italy’s third largest for both passengers and freight. 12.9 million people passed through its doors in 2018. This number is expected to increase to 20 million in 2020.

It is possible to travel to 130 destinations from the airport, which is just 45 minutes from Milan city center.

Giacomo Cattaneo, Director of Commercial Aviation at Milan Bergamo airport, said: “We are pleased to have launched Bergamolynk, our stopover program at Bergamo airport.

“This will undoubtedly attract even more passengers to our airport and on our flights.

“The benefits this partnership brings will give a much richer experience to users throughout the booking process and their experiences when at the airport.

“ is a natural partner for us, an organization at the cutting edge of travel technology, who will ensure that we too are kept at the forefront of airport booking innovation and technological advances.

“By 2020, the airport will have expanded to accommodate over 20 million passengers.”

One destination Bergamo's 20 million passengers can fly to is Heraklion in Greece — Shutterstock Milan bergamo

Zdeněk Komenda, Chief Business Development Officer at, said: “Our latest partnership announcement with Milan Bergamo airport adds several innovative features that we’ve been developing recently, with a relentless focus on improving the customer experience.

“Customer satisfaction and delight are always at the heart of our technological efforts, and we are delighted to partner with Milan Bergamo airport to improve the airport experience.”

Using’s unique algorithms, machine learning capabilities and data insights, passengers from over 150 countries are now able to access more than 3,650 unique flight combinations, across both full-service and low-cost airlines, for travel through Bergamo.