News has introduced mixed cabin class itineraries

Now’s customers and partners can combine first, business, premium economy, and economy classes into one itinerary has successfully integrated mixed cabin classes into our search. Now customers and partners have the option to book different classes on a single itinerary. 

In the majority of cases, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or airlines don’t have the feature to combine different cabin classes in one trip. We, however, are backed up by virtually interlined itineraries and can serve different customers’ needs. 

Combining more than 750 carriers that don’t cooperate, we allow passengers to select more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary.

Mixed classes bring new possibilities for passengers with dynamic travel needs

Customers can combine more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary has introduced mixed cabin class itineraries
Customers can combine more than one cabin class option into a single itinerary

Travelers can now mix cabin classes and have the flexibility to find their best itinerary. 

The new feature allows our passengers to have better prices; mixed cabin classes are more affordable than only business or first class trips. Also, more options are offered since the number of flights with lower cabin itineraries is higher.                                     

Mixed cabin classes can be useful for travelers who want to fly in a more comfortable class for long-haul flights, but don’t mind traveling economy class for the short-haul ones. 

For example, travelers flying from Prague to New York, can have economy class seats between Prague and Madrid and then fly business class between Madrid and New York. 

“Mixed classes open new possibilities for all our customers and especially for those who have dynamic travel needs. In business travel, the schedules change very dynamically and time saved on the trips is very valuable for these customers. Mixed classes help them to utilize virtual interlining and even combined cabin classes in a hassle-free manner and save on their travel costs as well,” says Andrej Makovicky, VP of Search BE, Research and Analytics at

Mixed cabin classes are available at both web and Tequila

Customers are already able to book mixed cabin class itineraries on web and mobile applications. They can do so by selecting the upgraded class they want to fly with, and then checking the box “Apply mixed classes.” The results will provide the short-haul flight with economy class and the long-haul flight with the class that the customer selected.

This option is also available on’s partners portal, Tequila, where partners of all sizes can start selling virtually interlined flights, buses, and trains from our inventory almost immediately and benefit from all the tools the company offers in one place.

According to our statistics on higher cabin class bookings, 72% are mixed cabin class itineraries, and the remaining 28% is one cabin class bookings.