Our solutions

We have a solution for many of the problems the travel industry faces

our solutions kiwi.comTravel is a complex business and entering it is far from easy. Over the past seven years, Kiwi.com has had to work through difficulties and we’ve learnt and grown from these. We offer many of the products we’ve built to help businesses of all sizes make travel better.

There’s Tequila, our B2B portal designed to help you find all the information and tools you need as easily as possible. Or our Hosted Stopover Program which helps airports increase revenue and footfall. And now we are Virtually Interlining different classes and building self-connecting baggage solutions, we plan to revolutionize the industry (again).

MCT optimization

mct optimization kiwi.com

Optimizing passenger connections increases traffic and revenue

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tequila kiwi.com

Easily access everything we do to build your own products

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Customer Demand Dashboard

airport dashboard Kiwi.com

Assess the possibilities that Virtual Interlining brings airports

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Booking tool

booking tool kiwi.com

Book trips for your passengers without implementing our APIs

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Marketing support

marketing kiwi.com affiliate

Access the talent of our in-house creative agency and marketing teams

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Manage My Bookings

manage my bookings kiwi.com

Providing all the tools you need to manage your customers’ trips

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Widget builder

widget builder kiwi.com

The widget implements in minutes and offers the full range of Kiwi.com’s virtually-interlined air and ground content

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