Booking tool

Book trips for your passengers without implementing our APIs

booking tool

Our new booking tool allows you to offer your customers the best value with our unique Virtually Interlined routes. Search through our content, which includes most low-cost carriers, manage your customers and earn commissions with just one account on one platform.

You can buy trips for your customers directly through the platform, so you no longer need to be OTA to make use of our vast content. The tool offers Search and Book functionality, with MultiCity coming soon, for partners that don’t have the resources to integrate our APIs.

booking tool

Built with travel agents in mind

We built our booking tool to cater to offline travel agencies who may not have the experience or need to fully implement our APIs. All you need to do is register for free on Tequila, create a Search and Book application, click on the booking tool in the menu, and you have full access to sell our content to your customers.

The tool will give you access to one-way and return searches, and soon to MultiCity and Nomad.

Similarly to bookings created through our API, Manage My Bookings gives you the control you need to offer accommodation, car hire and activities at the customer’s destination. It is also possible to add baggage, choose seats, and purchase insurance, among many other additional services.

Virtual Interlining for travel retailers booking tool

Coming soon to the booking tool

We are working hard to implement ground transport to our booking tool. In the future, we are also looking into including Virtually Interlined booking classes, so a passenger may travel short-haul with a low-cost carrier to catch their business class trip.

We are already talking to agencies and receiving feedback on their needs. We understand that running an offline agency comes with its own challenges. For our booking tool, this is just the beginning.

booking tool

How the booking tool works

  1. Create a Search and Book application
  2. Open the booking tool and search for trips
  3. Book a trip for your customer
  4. Use Manage my Bookings if you need to make changes, upgrades or add services to any of the bookings

For more information, documentation is available in Tequila, or read more about Manage My Bookings