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Assess the possibilities that Virtual Interlining brings airports

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The importance of data in the travel business continues to grow. Finding relevant data is crucial to deepening understanding of the market, identifying patterns in emerging customer behavior, planning resources, and baselining important decisions. 

airport dashboard

Leverage Virtual Interlining to help your business

The rise of Virtual Interlining and traveler self-connections presented challenges, as well as important opportunities for exploration. These include monetization opportunities through services, or non-aviation revenue streams like airside hotels, lounge, or retail. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining a good understanding of a shifting market; knowing where travelers are coming from or heading to, what is the traffic trend in the region? Traditionally, the problem has been that acquiring this information is impossible, because each airport would have to get, and pair customer data from different airlines.

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Forget market predictions, base analysis on real data

Starting in the basic tier subscription, the Customer Demand Dashboard contains detailed information about passengers and baggage, insights to airlines, routes, transfer traffic, and fares. Moreover, you can export data, filter by trip type, customer type, Virtual Interlining, airport, and use a powerful filter for dates, which will even show analytics for the upcoming months. The data is not based on market predictions, but on real bookings that have been already sold by or its partners. 

In the highest tier subscription, you are able to compare your data to your competition as well as looking at web search data for the first time. Partners can use these insights to see the most searched routes that customers search for; including your airport as a destination and origin.

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Data insights built in cooperation with airports

From the beginning, we built and tested our Customer Demand Dashboard with our airport partners. We made sure that it shows the relevant data that your team needs. It is also our first data insight product on the Tequila platform, with more coming in the future.

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