Airport Dashboard

Assess the possibilities that Virtual Interlining brings airports

airport dashboard

The Airport Dashboard is a new product from that allows airports to access data on how passengers are traveling through and using their airport. This has never been available previously. It shows information such as the number of people searching for routes, what they are searching for, the number of bookings and origins and destinations.

airport dashboard

Discover new routes

It may be that passengers are using your airport to catch flights in ways you didn’t expect, or are searching for routes that don’t yet have a direct flight. The Airport Dashboard, available through Tequila, is designed to surface specific information that gives you insights into intent and demand.

Airport Dashboards are part of a suite of products designed specifically to help airports benefit from self-connecting passengers. can help increase revenue through white labels and optimizing minimum connection times.

All the information in the Airport Dashboard has been anonymized.

airport dashboard

What is Virtual Interlining?

Virtual Interlining connects carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost of multi-segment journeys for the passenger. We have seen that this increases revenue for companies we partner with.

Every customer receives the benefits of our industry-leading customer support and Guarantee. In case of any disruption caused by delay, cancellation or schedule change, will always take care of our passengers and ensure they arrive at their final destination. If the passenger decides not to finish the journey, they are entitled to a refund. 

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airport dashboard