Transfer Experience optimization

Increasing customer satisfaction by streamlining the self-connect transfer process

Smart pass airport partner supports you in understanding and designing the best solution to increase your customers’ experience, making self-connecting transfers at your airport easier and smoother.

Our consulting team will organise a site visit at your airport, analysing the terminal layout, available facilities, and passengers flows. This activity helps you to streamline the self-connect transfer process, and leads to a reduction in the Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) needed for these connections.

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Onsite transfer assistance

According to many surveys, including IATA Global Passenger, people still prefer to have human contact in case of need. can support you in setting up a transfer assistance on-site to make your airport the preferred connection for self-connecting travellers. Build your own self-connecting transfer desk powered by or let us train your terminal agents and get them ready to support virtual interlined customers through our innovative e-learning platform. See how Budapest Airport uses our transfer desk.

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Self-connect baggage assistance

We also support your team in finding new ways to speed up the baggage transfer process; one of the most stressful and unwanted stages in virtual-interlined travel. We are currently partnering with different airports to find out new ways to assist the passengers with checked baggage during transfer. 

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Coming soon — automated self-connect baggage transfers

Automated self-connect baggage transfers are in their final stages of development, drawing to a close at Stansted, and a number of other airports are watching closely. This automated functionality will allow’s self-connecting passengers to have their bags transferred airside, meaning travelers won’t have to exit the terminal to re-check their luggage, so they can spend more time relaxing and shopping.