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We do all the hard work — you increase revenue

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Kiwi.com’s White Labels are available for a range of use cases, including airlines, airports, and travel retailers, allowing you to easily implement and sell kiwi.com flight content on your site, with your branding, and 3% share of the revenue.

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Sell everything we have, or only what you want

Each of our white labels is custom built to provide you with the content you want to offer. For an airport, we can show only itineraries that use you as an origin, or as a destination. For an airline, this means that we can show only results that include your routes. You can also offer all of our content. Our APIs are easily adjustable to show only what you want.

White labels are designed to fit seamlessly with your brand. We do all the work to bring them to life. All you need to do is provide us with your brand identity, and decide what content you want to offer. We’ll do the rest.

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Everything we build is designed to work with our other products. If you have landing pages for specific destinations, add one of our widgets to show the best prices and we can redirect it to your White Label.

We manage payments and transfer your earnings. Daily reports and sales analytics are available in Tequila, our B2B partner platform. It’s also possible to access our Airport Dashboard which allows you to assess the true size of the Virtual Interlining opportunity.

Every passenger receives the benefits of our industry-leading customer support and Kiwi.com Guarantee. In case of any disruption caused by delay, cancellation or schedule change, Kiwi.com will always take care of our passengers and ensure they arrive at their final destination. If the passenger decides not to finish the journey, they are entitled to a refund.

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Widget booking tool

Our widgets have been designed to plug and play — all you need to do is set the parameters you want (currency, language, origin or destination and more) copy the code into the place you want it displayed and you’re good to go. The commission is paid on every booking made, with a 28-day cookie.

For more information about the widget, partner application and the widget booking tool – visit Kiwi.com‘s partner portal Tequila or contact our Airports team.

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