Manage My Bookings

Providing all the tools you need to manage your customers’ trips

manage my bookings

Manage My Bookings is the home of all the tools you need to organize your customers’ journeys.  Here you can see the status of each booking, add ancillaries and additional services, check-in online and make any necessary changes. It is within Tequila, our B2B portal.

Manage my Bookings

Add ancillaries and additional services

The tool also provides all the information on your bookings, price alerts and your credit activity. It allows you to download and print invoices and e-tickets. Once boarding passes are available, they can be downloaded from Manage My Bookings.

There are three statuses for each trip — processing, confirmed and refunded. It may be possible to cancel a booking and receive a full refund before it is processed. Once a trip has been confirmed, every change made is tracked in the list of changes.

For every booking we will offer accommodation, car hire and activities at the customer’s destination. It is also possible to add baggage, choose seats, and purchase insurance, among many other additional services.

Manage my Bookings

Add and edit passenger information

If a customer has not provided their travel documents before booking their trip, it is possible to add these in Manage My Bookings up to 48 hours before their departure. They will then be checked in by Information about fees for checking in at the airport will be provided.

All information about a customer’s trip is included, as well as links to visa information. It is possible to view the passenger’s complete itinerary, and this provides information about connections. Visa information is provided by VisaHQ. We provide this for reference only. 

If a passenger’s information is incorrect, this may be edited. Additional fees may apply for changing information.

The refunded status is used to indicate that a flight has sold out during the booking process. 

It is possible to cancel a booking after it has been confirmed with the booking cancellation button. You will be asked the reason for cancellation so that we can fully investigate the issue. Bear in mind that many low-cost airlines are non-refundable, although it may be possible to refund the taxes paid.

Manage my Bookings

What is possible in Manage My Bookings

  • E-tickets are available to download
  • Information about check-in availability and the option to fill in passport details
  • Option to download boarding passes once they are available
  • Additional services section, including meals, seats, pets, special assistance, sports equipment, hotels, car rentals, and more
  • Flights overview and flight change options
  • Checked baggage information and the option to add it
  • Information about the passenger, for example contact details and whether a visa is required
  • Possibility to correct and modify personal information
  • Option to download invoices. These can be automatically generated with the company name
  • Refund and cancellations section, where it is possible to assess any refundable amount and request cancellations

For more information on Manage My Bookings, documentation is available in Tequila