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Access the talent of our in-house creative agency and marketing teams

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We can provide a range of solutions to help market your product. These include placement on Stories, our in-house travel magazine, email blasts, and social media campaigns. With a reach of millions every month, we can help you push your product into new markets.

affiliate program marketing

Sponsored content on Stories’s magazine, Stories, can reach up to a million unique readers every month. Focused on destination marketing, it is the ideal place to inspire readers to take a trip. Using Facebook and Instagram, it is expertly targeted to ensure it reaches those who have intent to travel.

Stories is run by our talented in-house creative agency, who also produce much of our advertising. It concentrates on providing the best solution to meet a client’s creative needs.

affiliate program marketing

Finding people we know love to travel

We also offer email blast campaigns, which have been found to work particularly well for travel service providers on a commission-based model, and to promote new routes for airlines.

Other opportunities to increase sales include offering customers fast track, lounge access, or duty free discounts.

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