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Whether you want to collaborate with Kiwi.com as an affiliate and monetize your consumer-focused product by generating leads through banners, widgets or your flight metasearch product, or through a pure B2B model where you would be retailing our content under your own brand, our Tequila platform is here to support you.

In just a few clicks, Tequila allows you to gain own access to Kiwi.com’s environment, in a fully-automated way.

Our vision with Tequila is to enable anyone to gain self-service access to our technology, content, and services by leveraging our fully-automated processes, useful tools, and comprehensive API documentation.


Leverage everything we built for ourselves

Kiwi.com combines 6 billion different routes from more than 750 carriers, including more than 250 low-cost airlines at any one time. This results in more than 520 billion Virtually Interlined route combinations of low-cost and full-service flights, trains, buses, taxis, and ride-hailing. Ground transport providers include Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, FlixBus, Eurolines and Greyhound.

The APIs you will have access to are the ones we use ourselves for our own business. We are successfully building one of the most comprehensive transportation content databases in the world. And we are leveraging our powerful caching technology — guaranteeing the best possible compromise of search API comprehensiveness, scalability, speed, and accuracy you could find. Moreover, your business will directly benefit from our continuous improvements in content and technology.

Also, we like to keep things simple in Kiwi.com: in our B2B2C model, we promote a CPA-based business model. In our B2B model, we incentivize our partners to distribute our Virtual Interlining content with a CPA. As for traditional content, we allow our partners to just book it: we only mark up our prices to cover our costs.


We help you take full ownership of the customer journey

Over the last years, Kiwi.com has built its own operations, tools, and worked on automating as many processes as possible to allow us to take full care of the customer. This is up to checking-in on the airline’s website which, whenever available, is carried out by our team and tools, allowing us to send the boarding passes to the traveler.

Our partners share our vision and fully benefit from all the technology and services we offer to our own customers.

To do so, Kiwi.com acts as the fulfiller for all carriers, leveraging all our direct relationships with airlines, our web-modules and our wide network of consolidators and ticketing partners. All B2B products come with Kiwi.com’s industry-leading customer support and our Guarantee, no matter what content has been booked — and for free.

This means that the value of our B2B product is not only held in the content sourcing and distribution capabilities but also delivering important savings and simplification of your operations. There is one simple back-office tool and only one process for you to follow if there is a problem. We will deal with the individual carriers, so you can concentrate on streamlining your operations.

It has never been so easy to source transportation content

  1. Create apps for each of your use cases, whether they are mobile, web, inspirational, or anything else you can think of, and gain immediate access to our production environment and dedicated API keys
  2. Access simple and comprehensive API documentation, including a shooter to help developers understand how our APIs work and to debug apps. And don’t forget to add as many users as you need to the platform
  3. We make your business with us easy to manage. Access comprehensive analytics, reports, automated billing cycles, with very simple management of your deposit account
  4. We put everything in one place. A back-office tool to manage your bookings, an offline agency booking interface, and a widget builder
  5. We’re happy to help! Our team is here to support you

For more information, register on Tequila for free and explore what we can do together