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The widget implements in minutes and offers the full range of Kiwi.com’s virtually-interlined air and ground content

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Our widgets have been designed to plug and play — all you need to do is set the parameters you want, copy the code into the place you want it displayed and you’re good to go. Three per cent commission is paid on every booking made, with a 28-day cookie.

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Add search with top results to any page on your site with ease

Best placed at the end of content, it is easy to use the widget builder in Tequila to show our search box and the top results. These are geolocated and customized to show visitors to your site results that are relevant to them. It is possible to automatically detect the currency, to choose how many results are shown, and to choose whether you show the best results, the cheapest or by duration. The language may be translated into more than 60 different localizations.

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Show only results without search

Perhaps you have written an inspirational article about visiting a specific destination, let’s say Paris. One of the best converting placements for a single result without showing search is just under a picture. To do this, choose your destination, limit the results to one, and check the box called: “Show only results”. Then just copy the code under the picture and you’re set.

widget builder kiwi.com

Show specific results with search

Maybe your inspirational article is about New York, and you’d prefer to show specific results at the end of the article with search enabled. Uncheck “Show only results”, limit the number of results to a number you prefer, and set the destination as New York.

There are many more use cases and options to play with in Tequila’s widget builder. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use.

To learn more about our widgets, log in to Tequila, or read more about how we work with affiliates

widget builder