We have partnered with Cologne/Bonn Airport to improve transfer processes

Cologne/Bonn is the first airport in Germany to have our Virtual Interlining technology embedded in their website

Cologne/Bonn Airport is integrating our revolutionary technology into its booking system with immediate effect. The new feature will simplify the booking process for passengers wishing to combine flights with different airlines, including many that do not normally work together directly.

Instead of having to book separate flights and carry multiple tickets, passengers will now be able to include all their flights in one single booking. Thanks to our Virtual Interlining technology, individual bookings are no longer necessary.

“The desire to travel seamlessly from A to B is in keeping with the zeitgeist of our increasingly digitalized world. Our cooperation with is an important first step in this direction. We are very pleased to be the first German airport to offer passengers in Cologne/Bonn this convenient service,” said Johan Vanneste, president and CEO of Cologne/Bonn Airport.

“Passengers can now travel seamlessly and limitlessly," Zdeněk Komenda said — Shutterstock Cologne/Bonn Airport
“Passengers can now travel seamlessly and limitlessly,” Zdeněk Komenda said — Shutterstock

However, booking feeder and connecting flights through a single source is only one of the benefits our customers will receive.

“We want to provide a service that is as comprehensive as possible,” said our Chief Business Development Officer, Zdeněk Komenda.

“Passengers can now travel seamlessly and limitlessly — and they can choose from the cheapest routes and airlines, and still fly with confidence should the trip not go as planned, thanks to our Guarantee.”

We make sure there are sufficient transfer times for our customers. In case of a delay, our customers can make use of our core benefit — the Guarantee.

With our Guarantee, the customer is protected against any missed connections that may arise from schedule changes, flight cancellations, or airline delays. Moreover, we’ll take care of replacement flights, financial reimbursements, or, if applicable, even hotel accommodation.

Cologne/Bonn Airport
Stockholm is one destination for Cologne/Bonn’s 12.96 million passengers — Shutterstock

Our priority is the passenger — therefore, we strive to improve their overall airport experience.

Further activities are planned and will be based on our Hosted Stopover Program. This is one of’s recent innovations — it includes the optimization of transfer times for self-connect passengers flying through Cologne.’s business is based on cooperation and partnership. Cologne/Bonn Airport is one of the most important airports in Germany. In 2018, 12.96 million passengers took off and landed at the airport, making it the sixth busiest airport in Germany. Over 30 airlines fly from Cologne/Bonn to approximately 140 destinations around the world.