Prague Airport offers fast track lane and discounts for transfer passengers

Prague Airport launches “Fly via Prague” service for transfer passengers and introduces as a main partner

From April 1st, Prague Airport will offer a new service for passengers who choose to self connect between flights operated by different air carriers in Prague. The Fly via Prague service aims to increase the potential of Prague Airport as a transfer hub and provide greater passenger comfort. is the main partner of the Fly via Prague service.   

When purchasing a ticket on via Prague, a passenger will receive a Smart Pass package, consisting of the complimentary Fly via Prague benefits. The offer includes a Security Fast Track service for departures from Terminal 2, discounted visits to selected airport lounges and discount vouchers to various shops and restaurants, based on the current offer. If passengers have checked baggage and depart from Terminal 2 with a selected airline, they can also use the option of the Self-Service Bag Drop. Additionally, in case of any questions travelers can approach the airport information desk to get transfer assistance.

Fly via Prague and
Fly via Prague service, photo credit: Prague Airport

“The goal of Fly via Prague is to support the transfer service of Prague Airport and increase the share of transfer passengers at the airport in Prague. At the same time, we want to enhance the customer experience and support individual airlines with this step,” Jakub Puchalský, Member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, said, adding: “Self-connect travelling was on the rise even before the current crisis, and the trend will continue, favoured in particular by the young generation of passengers who look for multiple travel options and value flexibility when travelling. We are pleased that we can join other airports which already offer similar services and that our first partner of the service is”

Luc Viguie, Vice President of Business Development, added, “We are proud to cooperate with Prague Airport and the Fly via Prague transfer service for self-connecting passengers. We believe that Virtual Interlining has an even more important role now and in the future by giving travellers greater choice and the possibility to reach their desired destination whilst saving time and money. Fly via Prague will make the transfer experience smoother and more enjoyable with the exclusive benefits included in the Smart Pass bundle given to all the self-connecting passengers booking their travel via Prague Airport on” 

The trend of self connect routes rises, making airport hubs the new normal

From the interview with Patrick Zeuner, Head of Airport Partnerships in

The topic of Self Connect has increased significantly in recent years. Studies speak of the fact that at airports dominated by low costs, the proportion of self-connect can be up to ten percent. But the share always depends on the network, the frequencies, and, of course, the price. There is already a certain number of destinations and frequencies in the given airport that can be combined into self connect itineraries. Virtual Interlining algorithm can connect the separate flights and combine them into one booking offer. This way even the secondary airports can keep up with the large hubs in terms of a number of destinations, and as a result, travelers can be offered an alternative, attractively priced travel routes.

To make sure a traveler doesn’t miss the connection, takes into account the airline and terminal-specific transfer times. In the future, there’s a plan to also offer day-specific and seasonal minimum connection times (MCTs) in the background. The less time is lost when self connecting, the more connections and airport can combine with one another. But still, the time shouldn’t be too short, to ensure travelers can comfortably get to their next flight. has already established the self connect support for passengers in the airports of Bergamo, Budapest, Nice, Venice, and Berlin, to name a few. At the moment’s focus is on Europe, as the proportion of low-cost carriers continues to grow.