Presenting Tequila: A revolution in the travel industry

We’ve had another big idea — Tequila

Tequila is an online B2B platform powered by that allows anyone to access our content, technology and services.

Our vision

Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is an activity deeply impacted by how digital innovations change consumers’ habits. Just a few of the things that are now possible for travellers are accessing a global offering through a price comparison website, checking in online, using digital boarding passes, sharing their travel itineraries on social media, and synchronising their travel schedules and professional calendars.

Such use cases are only made possible by involving many entities and service providers. These collaborate and contribute to form an intimidating technological mash-up. Examples of the different organisations and sources include, among many others, airlines, global distribution systems, consolidators, advertisers, airports, ancillary providers, travel agents, payment platforms and social media.

Entering the industry with new and innovative ideas that bring value to the traveller can prove challenging, and even discouraging, when face with such complexity.

Our mission at is to make travel better. Since the company was founded six years ago, we have faced and overcome all these challenges.

We want to foster innovation. That is why we are now offering everything we have built for ourselves to anyone — for free. The ability to access all our technology, content and services will enable anyone with a big idea to focus on their product and the benefits it will bring travellers.

Let us deal with all the upstream complexity, the content aggregation from multiple sources, the ticketing fulfilment, and the first- and second-level customer support. This is all carried out through fast, accurate, powerful and comprehensive APIs that are just a few clicks away for the partner-to-be.

That’s what Tequila is all about!

Tequila’s main features

Upon subscription and creation of a company account, you will be able to easily access our products and build applications for each of your use cases. You can then monitor business and technical performance by accessing analytics data through comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Tequila also hosts graphical interfaces to help you create deeplinks and widgets, search our content, and manage your bookings to add ancillaries, change passenger information and more.

We will continuously integrate more content and services to offer you a one-stop-shop for all your travel business needs.

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