Promo of travel made easy with WordPress plugin

Partners can now compliment their content with WordPress plugin and earn commission for each purchase introduces its own WordPress plugin that is easy to set up and customize, great news for customers who run their websites and blogs on the WordPress platform. Travel writers, bloggers, and photographers can improve their website by adding the Cheap Flights by plugin to help their visitors search for their dream destination.

This plugin enables partners to promote the destinations they referenced in their blogs or articles and redirects the user straight to the booking page to easily select and book a trip. It’s possible to adjust the widgets and select the exact airport, city, date, or mode of transport. The plugin is easy to set up and use, straight from the WordPress administration page. Partners get to monetize their website traffic and earn 3% commission for every confirmed booking provides to their users.

Set up widget in WordPress, monitor in Tequila 

More than 2700 partners already have widgets supporting their websites and blogs, including smaller widgets showing only one specific destination or big widgets promoting all possible available destinations from the exact city. Each month sees more than 160 setups of widgets through the partners portal, Tequila. WordPress widget
Cheap Flights by WordPress plugin

The WordPress plugin is designed specifically for partners who run their website or blog on the WordPress platform. There are five simple steps to set it up and start monetizing the shared travel content. 

  1. Partners who use WordPress should log in (or sign up, if they don’t have an account yet) to the partners portal Tequila
  2. In Tequila, select My solutions and create a new “ Widget” solution and give it a name 
  3. Once created, copy an AffilID from newly created solution details
  4. Switch to the WordPress profile, download Widget and paste that AffilID to plugins’ settings to track the traffic
  5. The last step is to add a widget to the page(s), configure it as needed, and enjoy the earned commission