B2B partnership model

Integrate all of Kiwi.com’s powerful content, technology and services to your business

B2B partnership model

Over the last seven years, Kiwi.com has built highly competitive content operations and tools, and worked on automating as many processes as possible to allow us to take full care of our customers.

All of this can be made available to your business so together we can contribute to making travel better.

B2B partnership model

Improve your content with our unique offering

Kiwi.com collects content from hundreds of different sources, including consolidators, web-modules, and direct APIs with carriers. As for GDS, Kiwi.com operates one of the largest customized IT solutions ever built in the travel industry — using our data to create more than 520 billion combinations of origins, destinations and travel dates.

We are now also building a comprehensive inventory of ground transportation content. Our ultimate goal is to fill our databases with the availability of everything that has wings or wheels.

B2B partnership model

Our content is accurate and our fulfillment services perform

  • Bookability — average of 95 per cent, depending on the airlines 
  • Price accuracy — average 97.3 per cent price accuracy, meaning that we are able to book for the price advertised during the search phase. Furthermore, in the case of any post-booking price changes, we absorb minor price changes to ensure a good customer experience

Price accuracy in search versus bookings, measured over 6 months for our top 20 airlines:

Ryanair 97.54% Norwegian Air UK 98.80%
easyJet 97.32% IndiGo Airlines 95.95%
Wizz Air 97.71% Pegasus Airlines 97.77%
Norwegian Air Shuttle 97.17% AirAsia 98.84%
Vueling 97.94% Pobeda 91.88%
Spirit Airlines 93.65% Cebu Pacific 97.38%
Eurowings 91.54% TAP Portugal 98.20%
Norwegian Air International 97.41% Air France 96.41%
WOW air 98.59% Laudamotion 97.61%
Frontier Airlines 93.82% Turkish Airlines 96.64%
  • Ticket Issuance — more than 90 per cent of all the tickets are issued within less than 30 minutes
  • 95 per cent of the tickets are ticketed automatically 

Allow your customers to benefit from Virtual Interlining, Kiwi.com’s USP

  • Kiwi.com is able to combine all the content that we have connected, including combinations of GDS + GDS, GDS + LCC, LCC + LCC
  • All of Kiwi.com’s Virtual Interlined combinations are protected by our unique Guarantee 
  • Kiwi.com uses machine learning to evaluate minimum connection times in each airport and fine tune the stopover time. This is based on official IATA recommendations and on the statistics of delays and airport load, for example
  • Currently, less than 1 per cent of all the customers who purchase a Virtually Interlined itinerary need to use the Guarantee. For example, here are the statistics for the German, French and British markets: 
Market Guarantee usage
Germany 0.76%
France 0.63%
Great Britain 0.72%

B2B partnership model

Make substantial revenues with Virtual Interlining

Kiwi.com will tailor setups for our B2B partners. The main benefit of these integrations is the difference in pricing between our Virtually Interlined itineraries and the flights and routes provided by traditional airlines.

Our markup on Virtually Interlined routes contains fees for the provision of services and a CPA based partner commission, on an observed average basket of €300.

It is possible to receive pricing with no commission in order to make the price more attractive for the final customer.

Itineraries that are not Virtually Interlined are maximally optimized to be close to net fares with a minor, dynamic fee added to cover operational costs, and are not commissioned.

Make substantial operational cost savings

Our content comes with the services of our dedicated B2B customer support team.


  • English only (more languages are being prepared, with a primary focus on Spanish, Russian and Chinese)
  • 24/7 via email and emergency phone line 


  • Agency Manage My Bookings account: a simplified back-office tool for your operation teams. This includes search fields to find the right booking, transaction activity reports available, and ancillary services, such as adding baggage, seats, meals, and special requests like sports equipment
  • Ticketing system available: transparency for partner agents as well as clear visibility of processed tasks and request status

B2B partnership model

Everything you need in one place — Tequila platform

Through Tequila, it is possible to fully integrate our content within one month, depending on the resources assigned. After integrating our Search and Booking APIs, payments are carried out through credits in Tequila, which are purchased with prepaid deposits. We do offer the option of card payments through Zooz. However, this is more complex for the reconciliation and payment of ancillaries.

For more information, register with Tequila or contact our teams using the form below