The future of travel is intermodal

How combines air and ground transport to become the biggest intermodal aggregator with bookable content in the world

From the moment (back then Skypicker) was established in 2012, the company had one goal in mind – to connect passengers from any A to any B, anywhere in the world. First, created a vast database of flights, combining both legacy and low-cost airlines that don’t cooperate into one itinerary with the help of a Virtual Interlining algorithm. 

As the company grew, covering more and more flight content worldwide, in 2018, it also added ground transport to its unique itineraries. By including intercity train and bus connections and focusing on those which are the most useful for intermodal travel, it was possible to provide passengers with even more efficient connections and make travel more sustainable. Today, covers more than 95% of travel content and has become the biggest intermodal aggregator with bookable air and ground content globally. covers more than 95% of travel content worldwide.

So far this year has sold intermodal itineraries covering more than 70 airports, mixing all possible modes of transport, including buses, trains, and planes. In European airports such as Cologne Bonn and Girona more than 8% of sold itineraries are now intermodal.  

The goal is to increase this percentage and involve as many airports as possible. As a result, travelers can experience the best way to get all their travel requirements into a single itinerary to their final destination from their hometown and back again, for a better price. Today, taking a trip between Cologne Bonn and Linz with one legacy airline and two layovers can cost more than 380 Eur, however, taking one flight in combination with a train and one change costs 62 Eur, almost four times cheaper, and gets the traveler directly to the city center. But how can airports support intermodal connections and keep on top of current travel trends? search search result with a legacy airline, source: intermodal search intermodal search result, source:

Connect your airport with the world through

By Marco Magnasciutti, Senior Key Account Manager for Airports

Most of the time, travelers use a train or a bus to reach the departure airport or the final destination when landed. The biggest airports have a railway station directly connected with the passenger terminal and most are served by bus services. It means many airports already have everything that’s needed to activate intermodal connections through

So far this year has sold intermodal itineraries covering more than 70 airports. supports airports not only in developing their air to air self-connecting traffic, but also in enlarging their catchment area thanks to intermodal connections created by’s unique Virtual Interlining algorithm. In 2021 has already analyzed and implemented a minimum connection time for intermodal connections for more than 70 airports worldwide. Frankfurt, Vienna, and Cologne Bonn airports are one of the top airports with intermodal ground-to-air connections offered through Smart Pass connects ground-to-air and makes the travel smoother has extended its unique Smart Pass product to ground-to-air connections to incentivize passengers using an airport, making the transfer smooth and faster. Passengers arriving by train or bus receive a free Fast Track voucher to reduce the time needed for security checks. They also can benefit from discounts for airport services such as VIP lounges, shops, and restaurants. If a passenger selects to do so, all the connections can be covered by the Guarantee. 

Airports can attract additional passengers that could have chosen another nearby airport instead.

Thanks to the Smart Pass and the associated benefits for the passenger, the airport can attract additional passengers (both for the low-cost and full-service carriers) that may be looking to use a different airport instead. Streamlining the transfer process at the airport for intermodal connection, with the support of and the Smart Pass, will reduce the connecting time, increase the number of possible ground-to-air itineraries, and make intermodal travel more attractive. 

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