The top 10 reasons to become a affiliate

From our 3% commission rate, to our wide range of tools — has everything you need to monetize your website

The affiliate program is one of the best converting in the industry. With our powerful and easily customizable widgets, 30-day cookie periods and 3 per cent commission on everything you sell, we provide everything you need to monetize your website, whatever industry you’re in. And everything is easily available through Tequila — our free platform for partners of all sizes.

Competitive commission rates

3% commission rates mean that you earn good money when someone books a trip to Granada — Shutterstock The top 10 reasons to become a affiliate — Shutterstock affiliate

At 3 per cent, the commission we provide is incredibly competitive. That means if someone books a trip through one of your widgets or deeplinks for $300 you would earn $9. Our widgets are designed for exceptional conversion and with an average booking made through worth $380, you could soon be pulling in easy money by just copying and pasting a bit of code.

30-day cookies affiliate

The cookies we use to track purchases in the affiliate program are active for 30 days. Compare that to Amazon or, whose cookie period is just 24 hours. We know that people need a bit of time to consider booking their trip and check out their options.

Flight, bus and train tickets commissionable affiliate

You’ll earn money whenever you sell our content, whether that’s flights, buses or trains. There’s no difference in the commission rate for these. Because of Virtual Interlining we can make all three modes of transport connect — and that means customers can take a bus to the nearest train station, catch the train to the airport and hop on their flight.

Dedicated support affiliate was built by travelers for travelers. We care about our customers whoever they are — including our partners. Affiliates have the support of a dedicated team managing their accounts, and we have a B2B customer service team. So if you face any issues, all you need to do is raise a ticket and we’re here to help.

Tequila affiliate

We want to make travel better for everyone — for travelers and the industry. So we built Tequila. This is our B2B platform for partners of all sizes, from affiliates to airlines and airports. It’s free, so all you need to do is register and you have access to everything we’ve built and start selling. Everything’s documented and designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Variety of tools affiliate

Tequila is full of tools designed to help you sell as much as you can as a affiliate. There’s our incredibly customizable widgets that geolocate and detect the best currency for your readers — just choose a destination, copy the code and paste it into your site. It’s the same for our deeplink generator — just type the route in and everything’s done for you. Reports are easy to setup so that they provide all the information you need at your fingertips. Try clicking on one of the widgets here, and take a look at the main one on the bottom to see what can be done. And here’s a link for you: fancy traveling to Tokyo?

Global company — multilingual and multi-market

Our site works in more than 60 languages, including Vietnamese — Shutterstock affiliate is a company with global reach and operate in every market. Our top ten markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and South Korea and we are working very hard in Latin America and Asia. And our site works in more than 60 different languages.

Best travel search tech on the market is the best and easiest place to search for those flights to New York — Shutterstock

We’re proud of what we’ve built — it’s the best travel search tool available. As soon as we fully integrate taxis and ride-hailing, we’re going to be able to get people from any point on the planet to any other point. Most of the time we’re significantly cheaper than any other company. Cheapflightsfinder recently found that out of 9 the different routes they searched, was the cheapest 4 times.

User friendly on both desktop and mobile

The widget below probably isn't showing you Puglia, because it's searching for the best trip from your airport — Shutterstock

Our user experience is second to none on both desktop and mobile. Try and resist exploring our map and radius search to find the very best deals, or search “Anywhere” to find the very best deals. Nomad allows you to find the cheapest, most efficient multi-city trip by shuffling the cities around. And it’s all available on our lightweight, easy-to-use mobile app. The widget above is searching for the best trip from an airport near you.

Reputable brand has been around for just seven years and we're headquartered in one of the most beautiful countries, the Czech Republic — Shutterstock has only been around for seven years. But in that time we’ve revolutionized the industry with our technical skill and strong customer-centric focus. Now we sell more than 35,000 seats and power more than 100 million searches every single day. Very few other companies can make carriers who don’t cooperate work together. And those that can don’t provide the level of customer service that we do — every connection is Guaranteed against delays, cancellations and schedule changes, so our customers will always arrive at their final destination.

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