Updated widget makes joining the travel market easy

New widget implements in minutes and offers the full range of’s virtually-interlined air and ground content has introduced a new version of the widget which allows travel sites, bloggers, and even regional tourism authorities to increase their revenue share. The widget is easy to set up and offers the full range of virtually-interlined travel content. As remains the merchant of record, the user avoids any risk connected with booking and order processing. 

The solution offers the full range of virtually-interlined itineraries, which means bookings provided via the widget now combine not just low-cost and legacy airlines, but also ground content like trains and buses. Connections are covered by the Guarantee, ensuring the traveler gets to the final destination. 

The latest version of the widget provides users with extended settings, including transport mode selection, number of passengers, date picker, length, and much more. It’s also possible to customize the widget display to show either result as a map or calendar. widget in Tequila partner platform
Preview of widget in Tequila partner platform

Set up’s widget easily using Tequila partner platform

Everyone from small to medium enterprises, bloggers, and tourism authorities looking to increase their revenue, or even provide a no-hassle means to help visitors get to their location can now implement the widget and get 3% commission on bookings. The set up is done via our Tequila partner platform. Registration is free and after implementing the widget, users can easily check analytics in the same platform.

The widget works as a script which loads a webpage and shows search data with parameters selected by the user (for example, connections from the selected origin, to the chosen destination, or by the exact mode of transport). The user then adds the script into the HTML code of the page. The whole process usually takes 10-15 minutes from Tequila registration to the time the widget is fully implemented. widget builder in Tequila partner platform widget builder allows easy widget setup through Tequila platform

Lea Pálová, Affiliate Marketing Manager at, shared: “As we start to see the market recover this is an ideal time to take advantage of the growth in travel confidence we are seeing in Everyone who’s looking to enter the travel market or is already there, from small travel businesses, tourism authorities, bloggers, and airports can implement the widget and earn commission on bookings. Additionally, the easy widget setup helps to save time when entering the new market by weeks or even months.”

Many businesses and travel blogs are already enjoying the benefits of the widget, including Providence airport in the US, Italian Trieste airport, the Ukrainian travel blog “Backpackers” and many more. If you want to become a part of the travel market and set up your own widget, visit our Tequila partner platform.