Virtual Interlining for airports

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virtual interlining airports

Virtual Interlining holds many benefits for airports, not just increased traffic. Through our airport product portfolio, we can work with your team in a variety of ways to achieve these benefits.

Virtual Interlining connects carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost and hassle of multi-segment journeys for the passenger. We started by Virtually Interlining low-cost content, expanded this to include full-service, then to ground transport, and now to include different airline classes.

That has the ability to make every airport a hub, wherever it is located, rather than an endpoint.

virtual interlining for airports

How works with airports

Under the umbrella of Airport partnerships, multiple products are available to boost airport traffic, increase airport visibility, Enhance virtual network, Increase airport non-aeronautical revenues and deliver global search data insights.

Because every airport is different, we work directly with your team to custom-build our service offering to fit your needs, including making each available separately if you wish.

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Assess travelers’ intent and demand

We have also gathered myriads of data to help airports understand their passenger flows, and present it within our Airport Dashboard in Tequila, our B2B portal. The Dashboard allows your team to assess the scale of passengers searching and traveling to, from, and through your airport using Virtual Interlining. 

This allows your team to use these indicators of intent and demand to identify new routes that had been previously hidden from view. It may be that there are many passengers using Virtual Interlining to travel to another destination than you had thought.

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virtual interlining for airports