Virtual Interlining for airports

Discover what Virtual Interlining can do for your airport

virtual interlining airports

Virtual Interlining holds many benefits for airports, with increasing traffic being the main one. Through our Hosted Stopover Program, we can work with you in a variety of ways to achieve these.

Virtual Interlining allows us to connect carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost and hassle of multi-segment journeys for the passenger. We started by Virtually Interlining low-cost content, expanded this to include full-service, then to ground transport, and now to include different airline classes.

That means every airport becomes a hub, wherever it is located, rather than an end point.

virtual interlining for airports


  • 7 years serving self-connecting customers globally
  • Connect to 750+ airline carriers
  • Data-driven, reliable complex itineraries 
  • Customer protected from disruption 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly UX
  • Multiple payment solutions available
  • 50+ currencies 
  • Unified fare and baggage rules
  • Actively growing ancillary content
  • One point of service for all segments
  • Time to market: 1–3 months
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How works with airports

Many airports are not set up to ease a self-connecting passenger’s journey. Often the traveler will need to collect any baggage they are carrying, exit the airport, check in, and pass through security again. 

This is not a good situation for the passenger or the airport. We have developed a number of solutions, such as minimum connection time optimization and self-connect baggage transfer, to help with these problems. They allow the passenger to relax and shop, rather than spending their whole layover in queues.

virtual interlining for airports

Assess travelers’ intent and demand

We have also launched our Airport Dashboard in Tequila, our B2B portal. The Dashboard allows airports to assess the scale of passengers searching and traveling to, from and through their airport using Virtual Interlining. 

That means it is possible to use these indicators of intent and demand to identify new routes that had been previously hidden from view. It may be that there are many passengers using Virtual Interlining to travel to another destination than you had thought.

Our white labels, custom-built to fit your brand, can be used to sell Virtually Interlined flights from your airport to anywhere in the world.

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virtual interlining for airports