We’re going to assist customers in case of unreasonable lawsuits by airlines

We’re advocating for our customers’ right to free choice

Last week we announced will provide assistance in case legal action is taken against our customers for alleged breach of unreasonable terms of the airlines, namely so-called throwaway ticketing and similar practices.

The contract of carriage that airlines use may often be confusing — and can lead to legal consequences that are unreasonable.

If a customer traveling with tickets bought through finds themselves on the receiving end of such unreasonable actions, we will offer assistance to our customers in such lawsuits and, if reasonable for the solution of the case after prior agreement with, also cover legal fees.

We would like to clear the waters surrounding contracts of carriage and the consumers’ right to choose how they use the product they purchase.

Oliver Dlouhý, our CEO, said: “At we want to make travel better for everyone.

“We want to make it clear that we will always stay on the side of our customers in relation to predatory behavior while making sure they always have access to the best deals.”

David Liškutin, Chief Legal Officer at, said: “The legal situation related to certain airline’s conditions of carriage is confusing and complicated for travelers, and it is hard to foresee certain legal outcomes of their travel behavior.

“We hold a rather liberal point of view because we trust in free will and the right to free choice in respect to the use of the product customers purchase from service providers, including airlines.

“We think that customers should have the liberty to choose whether they will use the service and to what extent, without the risk of being penalized.

“In this regard, we offer them our aid in the case they are sued for exercising their right to free choice.”

Dlouhý continued: “Our customers are always at the front of our minds — even if it means helping them in the legal area in cases such as these.

“We know much of the travel industry is broken and built on archaic structures that benefit the big players. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem, and invite everyone to join us in a common goal — making travel better.”